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Aaxll Brands Co. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a progressive branding and IP company that has developed cannabis brands for the North American, EU, and other world markets.

The company’s unique online marketing system is designed to influence consumer purchasing behavior, changing mindsets, and securing visibility on all available online channels. Rooted in comprehensive cannabis data, they create and market unsurpassed medicinal and recreational products for all legal markets.

Their low capital asset purchases and financial outlay sets them apart from other cannabis companies. Utilizing big data and powerful marketing tools, AAXLL is one step ahead of Google. AAXLL ensures no matter what the consumer is searching for that their brands are visible online. This visibility enables key interactions over multiple touchpoints during the complete user lifecycle, allowing them the ability to monetize the customer journey.

Presently, AAXLL has launched its exclusive CBD brand “Balance CBD” into the US market via an e-commerce retail platform. AAXLL utilizes its proven high growth marketing system focused on user acquisition, local lead generation, brand building, and driving consumers to targeted point of sales outlets and eCommerce sales. AAXLL has strategically partnered with a licensed manufacturing facility based out of California to manufacture and fulfill orders for the US CBD and THC market.

An in-house Market Intelligence (MI) division supports inter-organization groups in charge of market feasibility, dynamic assessment, segmentation analysis, data analysis, research and strategy for positioning, pricing, targeting, market-entry, and promotion. These divisions provide critical insights through competitive product research, monitoring and evaluation, brand analysis, and performance forecasting.

Poised to be a leader in the US Cannabis space, AAXLL is quickly expanding internationally. AAXLL is entering into the UK and EU markets along with Japan and other Asian countries where the laws and regulations for cannabis are currently being adopted.

AAXLL retains top experienced industry talent to research, incubate, develop, acquire, and promote cannabis value-added brands, developing high-quality value-added products that are expertly formulated, fully tested, well branded, and skillfully marketed.


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