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AXXLL Brands is taking over the e-commerce marketplace with a vision for long-term sustainable growth.

AAXLL launched its direct to consumer e-commerce website in August 2019, achieving EBITDA status within the first 6 months of operating — we’ve stayed profitable ever since.

AAXLL is fully licensed by Health Canada for the sale of medical cannabis products, and we aim to launch our ecommerce medical cannabis portal in Q4 of 2023.

We own 29 Trademarks, including but not limited to: International WIPO trademarks, EU, UK and Swiss Trademarks, Canadian Trademarks, Federal USA Trademarks, as well as key trademarks in individual US states.

Our marketing dollars go further than the competition and we have a 10x Lifetime ROI on marketing expenditures; the lowest in the CBD industry.

AXXLL ensures that all staff earn a living wage. Our employees are highly skilled, but we ensure that everyone from part-time and contract workers to full time employees earn at minimum a living wage in accordance with the cost of living in their location.

We like to give back and we’re pleased to have teamed up with humanitarians like Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as partaking in initiatives with Emerson College, Apple, and the Ford Foundation. AXXLL has donated to America’s Food Fund with the goal of ensuring that all people have reliable access to food.

During the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, AXXLL donated supplies to First Responders across the USA to support their efforts.

AXXLL has provided a scholarship program totalling $25,000 to help facilitate education access for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

AAXLL has encouraged vaccine uptake nationwide by offering free CBD oil as an incentive for those taking the Covid-19 vaccine.


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