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Social responsibility is woven into our company's ethos, so when AAXLL heard about the fires in the Amazon, we took immediate action. We launched a September initiative donating 100% of the September profits from our best-selling product to the Earth Alliance Amazon Forest Fund. We worked with Leonardo DiCaprio's Earth Alliance to ensure that the indigenous peoples and those working alongside them were fully supported. Thanks to our efforts, a substantial amount was raised in September, and the entirety added to DiCaprio's initial efforts.

The Amazon rainforests have been called the lungs of the planet, and their destruction is a global catastrophe. The Amazon plays a crucial role in reducing global warming, and over 906 thousand hectares have been burned. The fires threaten biodiversity, the climate, and the over 306,000 indigenous people who call the Amazon home.

Our fundraising efforts covered the whole month of September, which proved to be a strong month of revenue. We started this undertaking to help the indigenous people and those on the frontlines fight not only the fires but also preserve their culture. We are humbled to be recognized by Global Wildlife Conservation and grateful to all who participated in September's initiative.

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