Disclaimers for the AAXLL Website

AAXLL is not registered, and is not required to register, as a broker-dealer or an investment advisor under federal or state law. AAXLL does not provide investment, financial or legal advice to its members, and no communication from AAXLL should be construed as such.

AAXLL’s Market Research provides market research for the cannabis industry.  AAXLL Market Research does not provide information or opinions regarding whether any of the companies it discusses in reports are suitable investments for any specific investor.  Its research is not individualized, and members should consult their own advisers before making any investment decision based on such research.  Certain information, opinions and statistical data relating to market trends and conditions contained in AAXLL Market Research’s reports are obtained or derived from third-party or public sources believed to be reliable, but the accuracy of certain of this underlying information is outside the control of AAXLL Market Research.

The past performance of companies in which members have invested cannot be relied upon as an indication of future performance or success of companies presented to members. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Moreover, past companies through which AAXLL members have invested and the features and performance thereof are disclosed solely to illustrate the types of companies which are presented to members.  The prior investments described herein are not intended to be complete or representative of all the transaction presented to members.

For additional information relating to this website and the information presented herein, potential members should review the Terms and Conditions.


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