Dani Pepper was founded out of a perfect collaboration in 2017 by Joseph and Cara, Joseph an experienced entrepreneur who had a background in business and cannabis. Cara Thien a health and wellness expert who came together to create new and innovative products for sexual wellness.

We developed our company around a team of medical doctors, food scientists and sexual health experts to push the envelope with new technologies for the development of our plant-based wellness products. “We realized that there was a need for naturally sourced botanical blends explicitly designed for conditions affecting women”.

It’s has become our mission to create finely crafted products that enhance your pleasure and give you support when you need it most. Everything formulation was based on natural, vegan, and organic ingredients, they are third-party laboratory tested for safety and purity — no chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers, GMOs, heavy metals, or mycotoxins to ensure customer satisfaction.

But it’s not enough to offer the best products. We want to build a better tomorrow. At our core, we want to inform, empower, and promote self-care by shattering long-held stigmas through education and awareness.

Dani Pepper is dedicated to the sexual health and general wellbeing of women and their partners. We pride ourselves on the accessibility we offer and the community that we are building.

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