Licensed by AXXLL Brands — Budderweeds is an established cannabis brand and a service that promotes local dispensaries and brands across the USA. Our platform is fully developed and ready to serve consumers.

Budderweeds world-class Search Engine Optimization allows the website to compete with industry leaders, and outranks leading brands — Wana Brands, Kiva Confections, Wyld, and Plus Products — on Google for highly competitive search terms.

When users in legal markets across the USA look for cannabis products, they find Budderweeds. Budderweeds already rank for over 3,800 keywords for strains in the USA and for many of the key search terms that consumers use before making a purchase — whether they’re shopping at an online dispensary or searching for home delivery from service providers such as Eaze.

Budderweeds brand is gaining traction across the USA, and our services are connecting more consumers to local dispensaries and products, competing for all relevant keywords and in all legal cannabis markets.

Budderweeds’ foundation as a search engine optimizer enables the website to transform web-content into top-ranking search results by leveraging keywords, cutting edge SEO analytics, and a deep understanding of demographics. The company has extensive experience operating in the legal cannabis industry, Budderweeds is poised to thrive in the US market once cannabis is federally permissible.

As a brand Budderweeds is recognized throughout North America and is internationally trademarked. The website was formed in 2017 with search optimization in mind; through targeted efforts and research, Budderweeds currently ranks for over 7,000 keywords worldwide and counting.

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